Looking After Your Compliance Needs

Our tax services are robust and comprehensive to serve your needs. Our Tax agent partners and experts have extensive experience working with many clients from the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to help you in fulfil your compliance needs.

You can now place all of your taxation compliance and reporting worries to our experts and focus on the core operations of your business. Our experts will give you peace of mind and ensure the correct amount of tax is paid on time. 

At Alpha Pro Partners, we believe in making entrepreneurs’ financial and business goals come true. Therefore, our team is dedicated and works tirelessly to make ends meet for all our clients. If you are on a hunt of a firm that can help you with taxation, contact us and book your free consultation session right now!

Why us?

Hiring a tax agent can help you because whether you like it or not, you will have to deal with the stress of tax compliance. The only way to minimising this stress and escaping with the easy way out is by hiring a professional tax agent who will get the boring and difficult tasks done for you.
There is absolutely no room for mistakes when it comes to filing your taxes. You might think that you can save your money by not hiring a tax agent, but have you really thought about what would happen if anything goes wrong with the taxation process? 

Professional tax agents also work as your tax advisors – your legal consultants that can guide you on how you can be cost-effective in paying and planning your taxes. 

Tax Advisory & VAT Audit

If you are worried about where to get Tax advisory services from, you might want to know that we have some of the best tax experts available. Our team uses the best tools available and makes sure there is less or no disruption to your business.

Our tax agents are detail-oriented and focus on growth and development through their professional consultation. Our experts are well equipped with the knowledge of taxation laws and know how to comply with all the legal requirements of taxation.

We have clients from the UK, UAE and KSA so we can help you with VAT, GOSI, Corporation tax, Income tax, Customs, Excise as well as income tax.

Save yourself from running into confusion when the time for tax calculations and payments arrive. Make it a smooth sailing by handing over the entire process to our experts. We can also provide VAT audit services to ensure you are compliant.

Tap into our Expertise

A tax agent will take care of your organisation’s tax issues competently. You will not only save time and effort but also have peace of mind that everything has been done in the right way. Our tax specialists are trained to spot opportunities for clients and make the most out of their tax returns.

They will also highlight the areas where you are overspending that are incurring more expenditures than reaping out the benefits. All such fruitless activities will be eliminated with the right kind of consultation with our expert tax agents.

We work with a number of clients across a number of regions which means our advisory and expertise with have depth.

Voluntary Disclosure & Reconsideration Support

All our tax agents partners are approved by the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) and are Arabic speakers. We will ensure that you are abiding by all the FTA rules and regulations.

These FTA approved tax agents prepare you for periodic  VAT audits as well as ensure your compliance in all areas of legal and financial requirements. We are also able to assist you with any reconsideration support required along with any voluntary disclosures.

GCC Tax Compliance

We have clients in the UK, KSA and UAE which means our staff and Tax agent partners are able to support your compliance needs in all these regions. Our KSA (Saudi Arabia) tax compliance services include GOSI, Zakat and WHT filing.

Our UAE compliance services include Voluntary Disclosures, Reconsideration, VAT filing, VAT Audit and Excise. 

Our Clients

What our clients say

Wellness & F&B Client

“We highly recommend Alpha Pro Partners and their team! We worked with four Accounting firms prior to Alpha Pro Partners since 2016 which have varied from high end firms to a well versed freelancer and we always had issues that vary between high cost to poor return of service. We found Rayhan via an online search and after a couple of meetings we were ready to give it a go with the team. Alpha Pro Partners gives us a sense of ease to work with and understand how to balance professionalism with friendliness.”

Technology client

“Alpha Partners provided an excellent service when setting up Xero for us. They offered great advice particularly on integrating Xero with other softwares and making the set up as straight forward as possible. They made us aware of all functionality and ensured the processes are as automated as possible which has saved us a significant amount of time”

Venture Capital Client

“The Alpha Pro Partners team has been incredibly helpful to us in  Xero software implementation. It is difficult to express the added value and professional friendship that Alpha Pro Partners provide; you will need to work with them to appreciate what they will bring.”

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