The rapidly increasing pressure and scrutiny to comply with ever changing regulations such as VAT, GDPR, anti-money laundering (AML), financial auditors and other regulators continue to put organisations under pressure to keep operations ticking smoothly while at the same time being profitable.

White Paper – The 5 steps to best practice when documenting Policy and Procedures (P&P) in the UAE

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    Documentation of Policy and Procedures
    With the conflicting priorities your employees may face, they would not make this a primary concern. However, for you this is a high priority be it for compliance or business continuity purposes. We will visit your offices and take charge of ensuring that the Policies and Procedures are updated and complete.

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    Review of existing Documentation
    You may have already documented your Policies and Procedures but given that employees and processes change, these may not be fit for purpose. We will review your existing set of documentation and suggest amendments to ensure they are up to date.

    Businesses typically call us for Documentation services when:

    • An audit or regulatory request to ensure that they are updated
    • Failure in business processes
    • High turnover in employees are causing quality control to reduce
    • Too much knowledge in key employees which is not documented
    • Application for relevant quality control standards such as ISO