Xero is mainly known for being an easy to use and powerful small business accounting software serving businesses such as cafes and other retail outlets but did you know that it can also power larger businesses? Xero, when paired with other cloud based apps is just as effective for large businesses based in Dubai as it is for small businesses.

Examples of such industries which could scale with Xero are large consulting, engineering and construction firms. These types of organisations are more people centric as they rely on the expertise of their employees to generate business. Some of the challenges these firms face is managing their internal talent as they need to plan ahead, know how staff are spending their time, where they will be located and where they have capacity. Many of these firms are bidding on future projects and therefore the risk of underbidding on jobs can be quite high if they do not know how their internal recourses are allocated. Xero along with cloud based third party apps with features such as time tracking, project management and resource allocation can help such firms. This combination can also create an enterprise level ERP with up to the date information for all projects at a fraction of the cost. This is especially crucial for firms managing multiple projects in multiple locations which creates a lot of information to be managed.

Other examples of companies which could scale into big businesses using Xero and other Cloud based third party apps is the retail and the F&B (food and beverage) sectors. Most of these types of business have large chains of outlets which could use a cloud based epos and/or inventory system which seamlessly integrates with Xero. In this model, multiple Xero accounts would be used and an additional cloud based third party app can then be used to consolidate all of the outlets for group reporting purposes in realtime.

A final point to mention is that Xero has an open API (application programming interface), this means that your options can almost be limitless when seeking to integrate with other enterprise software. For example, if you’re a business which has a very bespoke industry related software, an approved independent Xero developer can easily create a link which is able to transfer data between Xero and the bespoke software.

Fast growing businesses need accounting software and systems which can grow with it. Changing the technology stack of a company during a rapidly growing period is a challenging task – the costs are high, and the resources are limited.

Xero and other modern cloud apps effectively provide a modular ERP solution for these organisations. This gives even the largest SMEs a clear picture of what’s happening across the business, so they can make good decisions based on accurate information.

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