Our CFO Services can Boost your Profitability and Cashflow

Successful CFO’s are expected to partner with business owners and other managers in making critical decisions which directly impact the success of your business whether you need a seasoned leader to provide advisory or interim CFO service or support for critical projects, we can provide the leadership, action and results to meet your needs.

Virtual And Outsourced CFO Services in Dubai

Many businesses in the UAE make their first accounting appointment by hiring a bookkeeper to process basic accounting transactions and payments but soon realise that for more business-critical tasks and insights, support is inadequate. CFO services is a cost-effective way to support your business in challenging and exciting times.

What are CFO services?

All businesses have a single common objective – to improve profitability. Without the high-level expertise from a finance expert, management may not be able to carry out the analysis that is necessary for a deep understanding of what drives the bottom line. Our CFO outsourcing will help you boost profitability and efficiencies for your business.

Our Services

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Ongoing CFO Services
We will engage with you as your strategic partner on an ongoing basis to help manage the finance department and to grow your business. We strive to improve processes and give you better financial reports.

Virtual CFO

One-time Projects CFO
You may want to expand your business, raise finance or require advisory services on tax and local compliance matters. Our experts can help navigate you through on a temporary basis.

Outsourced CFO

Interim CFO
Your existing CFO may suddenly exit or you may be hiring one for the first time and need time to find the right person. Our seasoned experts can fill in on an interim basis helping you focus on your business.

Businesses typically call us for CFO services when:

  • They are distracted from revenue generating activities by finance and administrative issues
  • Investors require more professionalism in handling the financial aspects of the business
  • The business is ready to expand do not have the expertise in-house to prepare and present its case to potential investors
  • The business is experiencing exceptionally challenging times, necessitating assistance with evaluating strategic options and discussing financing options with existing or new partners
  • The financial systems, processes and controls are insufficient
  • They require better, faster financial information for decision-making, investor reporting and meeting regulatory requirements
Leadership & structure We interim and part-time CFOs will provide your startup with a support structure that facilitates growth without distraction, letting the founding team focus on meaningful growth of the company and product/service.
Financial discipline As your startup’s Chief Financial Officer, we interim CFO helps set the financial tone and tenor of your organization, always keeping an eye on the upward valuation and ensuring that current and future investment is ready to take and use properly.
Growth-focused culture The interim CFO creates an early culture of accountability, asset preservation, and value generation.
Financial planning & analysis (FP&A) A critical contribution of the interim CFO is to provide accurate, timely, high quality financial analysis and advice to decision-makers and to link the strategy of the startup to its operating and capital budget.
Modeling, forecasting & budgeting The interim CFO constructs a working model of how your business should perform financially if certain strategies are executed and milestones are reached.
Financial reporting & dashboards By designing and producing reports and dashboards, the interim CFO makes apparent the actual financial operation and health of the business as measured against the forecasts and budgets.
Valuation strategy & optimization As interim CFO, we can help you determine and present a well-reasoned and optimized valuation of your startup to investors, partners, and potential acquirers. We help keep every penny spent focused on maximizing that valuation.
Board meetings Properly preparing for a Board meeting can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Your interim CFO can help you prepare and ensure that your data and presentation is focused and informative. For several of our clients, we actually attend and conduct
Board meetings on behalf of the management team.
Fundraising The interim CFOs at we know what investors like and have access to an impressive network of funding sources. Although we don’t do cold “intros”, we do specialize in making sure that our startups are as fundable as possible and that our VC friends
take notice when we have a gem.
M&A support For many startups, a merger or acquisition represents the exit strategy. Our interim CFOs have participated in and presided over several M&A events; helping with due diligence, negotiating the highest valuation possible, and helping the transaction
goes smoothly.
Best practices One of the biggest advantages of interim CFO is the varied experience and industry contacts that come from working with multiple startups and industries. We see trends, what works, and what doesn’t. This allows us to continuously bring proven practices
to your startup.

White paper – How CFO services can improve profit and cashflow

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