Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that integrates accounting and other cloud based apps to make accounting easier for everyone – from small scale businesses to larger corporations. Business owners from across the globe are now taking care of their financial management needs through the effective integration and implementation of Xero software. Since accounting and financial management serves as the backbone of every kind of business, our target clients are from all industries and all walks of life.

Learn from the Experts

The Xero Training Course at Alpha Pro Partners is aimed to make your accounting and bookkeeping processes smarter, quicker, and more effective than before. We tailor the Xero training sessions according to your business requirements.

These top Xero trainings help you achieve new levels of efficiencies and effectiveness. From cloud applications to online software, our Xero training adopts a 360-degrees approach towards achieving higher levels in accounting and system proficiency.

Reduce the errors to zero and maximize efficiencies in your bookkeeping and reporting to achieve higher levels of overall performance. With our tailored Xero training services, we give a kick to your business and workers that keep them rolling further.

Management of accounts, generating invoices, keeping records, report analysis and advanced features are included in the courses by our professionals. Alpha Pro Partners training course is a smart investment to reap the benefits of efficient and error-free bookkeeping in the future.

Our clients from the all sectors benefit from the features of Xero software implementation and our training sessions. Billing, budgeting, management of accounts, credit card services, connecting with other banks, and reconciliation procedures – all has been rendered easier for our clients as a result.

Learn to optimize your practices, secure your systems, and get better control over the procedures with the right tips and techniques with the Xero Training at Alpha Pro Partners. We are the hub of learning, development, consultancy and advisory services that you need and our Xero Training Courses will be comprehensive in helping you and your staff. Still not sure? We have a range of free Xero Training Videos for you to start with (see below).

Why us

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Easy to Understand

Our Xero trainings are easy to understand and tailored to your industry and business needs. We even provide post-training support to keep you moving. Our Xero trainers are committed to developing the skills that are high in demand and produce better workforces for an excellent today and an even better tomorrow.
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Xero Experts

Our team members are experts in Xero and other third party applications – be it inventory, POS, reporting, or time tracking systems. You can ace it all with our latest Xero training sessions. Our internal staff manages hundreds of clients and can train you in the core areas of your business operations.
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Value for Money

It is the journey ranging from the basic terminologies to the pro tips and techniques of Xero that saves you time and money. The use of technology, and practical application of theoretical concepts gives you command on entire process, be it accounting and finance or any other industry or area.

What our Xero Training offers?

Business owners as well as accounting professionals can now get their hands on to this professional training course to master the art of managing their finances way better than before. Get useful insights with the report generation and analytical features integrated into the XERO Accounting Software. These reports and analyses help in the core decision making in business and help identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses in it. These analyses, in combination with the manual analytical procedures, lead to reliable and result oriented decision making.

Learn from our World Class Accountants

We run a very efficient and lean Accounting organisation and we will pass on our knowledge, skills and expertise to you. Managing accounting and reporting for our number of clients requires us to also be in a mindset of continuous improvement. Every month we introduce and try new softwares and tactics to help our clients and accountants be more efficient. We will pass on our Expertise to you. With our Xero Training, you can get online access to your dashboard from anywhere in the world. With this cloud-based application, you can manage your work on the go. It ensures that you face no delays because of changing devices or locations.

Xero Certification

Certifications adds to the authenticity of learning and the certifications of our team members are an added perk you get at Alpha Pro Partners. Our instructors know what they do and have complete command over it. All our instructors are certified by Xero and are Xero Migration certified as well to give you more confidence to help you master the Xero Accounting Software. The instructors are all Xero Certified and Xero Migration Certified to leave you with an experience of quality oriented learning and achieving higher levels efficiencies in work processes. All our team are equipped with the right knowledge and exposure, the expert combination of which enriches your training sessions with the information and learning that you will not find anywhere else.

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Training Topics Covered
  • The Xero dashboard
  • Accounting basics – Accounts receivable payable, spend/receive money
  • Bank accounts – importing transactions, reconciliation, setting up bank feeds, etc.
  • Reports – Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, publishing, customising useful reports.
  • Price list – Setting your price list in Xero
  • Chart of accounts – Adding/changing information
  • Organisation information/financial invoice settings options
  • Tracking – Setup and reporting options
  • Fixed Assets – Introduction to fixed assets in Xero
  • Foreign Currency – An overview
  • Budgets – Setting up in Xero
  • Customised training to meet your needs
Our Free Xero Training Videos

Introduction to Xero Training Tutorial – How To Create A New Invoice in Xero

A simplistic guide for you to make the best of our tutorials. Learn how to create a new invoice in XERO through this video tutorial and jump into the endless world of opportunities and learning.

Hubdoc Training Tutorial – Useful Hubdoc Tips & Features

A detailed video tutorial on the use of Hubdoc, highlighting the most useful features of it and the tips to maximize your experience on Hundoc. Watch it and become a pro in no time, learning all the tips and features you need to know.

Hubdoc Training Tutorial – How To Enter Monthly Bills In Hubdoc and Sync With Xero

Managing your monthly bills was never this easy. Confused? This tutorial explains how. Watch it for detailed training on how to enter and manage monthly bills on Hubdoc. It also explains how Hubdoc gives a synchronization option with Xero.
Our Clients
What our clients say

Wellness & F&B Client

“We highly recommend Alpha Pro Partners and their team! We worked with four Accounting firms prior to Alpha Pro Partners since 2016 which have varied from high end firms to a well versed freelancer and we always had issues that vary between high cost to poor return of service. We found Rayhan via an online search and after a couple of meetings we were ready to give it a go with the team. Alpha Pro Partners gives us a sense of ease to work with and understand how to balance professionalism with friendliness.”

Technology client

“Alpha Partners provided an excellent service when setting up Xero for us. They offered great advice particularly on integrating Xero with other softwares and making the set up as straight forward as possible. They made us aware of all functionality and ensured the processes are as automated as possible which has saved us a significant amount of time”

Venture Capital Client

“The Alpha Pro Partners team has been incredibly helpful to us in  Xero software implementation. It is difficult to express the added value and professional friendship that Alpha Pro Partners provide; you will need to work with them to appreciate what they will bring.”