Diving deeper into our theme of the month, Finance, we chat with our guest Rayhan Aleem, Managing Partner of Alpha Pro Partners. Rayhan is based in Dubai and his company helps small to medium-sized businesses optimize their finance and operation functions. Rayhan has extensive experience across several industries, such as Technology, Financial Services, Media, F&B, Logistics and Marketing both in London and Dubai.

Rayhan Aleem takes us through his journey from working in the corporate world to starting his own business in the UK and Dubai. The tips he has for business owners and entrepreneurs regarding their financials are just some of the amazing things he shares in this week’s episode. So, grab those headphones and join us.

Episode Highlights:

  • 10:48 Where most business owners get stuck with cash.
  • 11:37 Understanding basic business model, cash burn, and gross profit margins.
  • 17:54 How budgeting can help with cash in the business.
  • 21:15 Tips to manage your accounts receivable better.
  • 25:09 Creating in-depth payment terms with your clients.
  • 27:17 Where clients are weakest in their corporate governance.
  • 35:33 Rayhan’s top advice for business owners on the topic of cash.

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