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March 31, 2018
Xero Accounting

8 steps to an effective invoicing process using Xero

Billing needs to be fast and accurate. Because the sooner invoices go out the door, the sooner you are likely to get paid. These eight suggestions […]
March 10, 2018

Want to streamline your Employee Expense Procedure? Are you processing too many Receipts and Bills? Xero can help Small Businesses reduce their excessive Manual Paperwork

Many small businesses in Dubai struggle and waste time with manual processes which could be spent elsewhere chasing payments or generating revenue. Processing employee expenses is […]
March 3, 2018

9 credit control mistakes that could hurt small businesses in Dubai

Many Small Business in Dubai struggle to get the money they’re owed because of poor credit control processes. The nine points are big mistakes to avoid. […]
February 24, 2018

Thinking of moving to Xero? Small Businesses Migrating to the Cloud Based Accounting Software is easier than you think.

Xero is an award winning and leading cloud based accounting software for small businesses and has over 1 million subscribers worldwide. It is known for its […]

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