Alpha Pro Partners works with registered audit firms to offer premium audit services to firms in Dubai, with a wide range of options and an expert approach ensuring that every company’s needs are met. We partner with the best audit firms in Dubai to get the best results, and have access to an unmatched team of auditors ready to address any and all issues a business may face. You need not look further for the services of top audit firms in UAE. 

Audit Firm UAE

Who Needs an Audit?

Audits are an incredibly important aspect of business in Dubai. They are essential for maintaining transparency, efficiency and profitability, and are often a requisite for external investors and shareholders alike. In today’s interconnected global economy, it is crucial to exceed international standards rather than only local ones. Dubai’s prowess as a global business hub allows local companies unprecedented access to the world market, but companies must have audits to make the most of this. With business transparency and cost efficiency becoming evermore important for regulators and investors worldwide, audits are now a non-negotiable aspect of doing business in Dubai. 


An audit is essential for more than attracting investment, though. A comprehensive audit not only confirms a company’s health, but also highlights areas for improvement and development. In today’s rapidly changing market, maintaining a company’s strength and integrity is of paramount importance. Audits provide a way to address issues before they become problems, and help businesses weather volatile markets. 

Moreover, UAE law requires some companies to engage in regular audits. The intricacies of the legal requirements can be confusing, which is why a fully accredited and licensed auditor is essential for businesses in Dubai. Many Dubai audit firms skip the harder aspects of auditing, which can leave a company vulnerable to legal ramifications. At Alpha Pro Partners, we take the law as seriously as we take our customers’ satisfaction. All of our audits are fully compliant with UAE regulations, and tailored to ensure a company’s success. 


Combining Technology and Expertise

At Alpha Pro Partners understands the unique needs of companies in Dubai, and tailor we our auditing services to meet them. Our approach combines technological expertise with accounting experience and an intimate knowledge of Dubai business culture, resulting in a uniquely detailed picture of company expenses. To provide our unparalleled services, we approach every audit in a thorough, rigorous and methodical manner, making sure to address every area of a company. Alongside our exhaustive approach, we offer carefully considered and insightful risk management consultation, helping companies plot the best course for a brighter future. Our unique approach assures Alpha Pro Partners a place among the best audit firms in Dubai, and insures our customers are satisfied with our services. 


Alpha Pro Partners prides itself on offering a wide range of auditing options, including tax audits, internal audits, external audits, risk management audits and information systems audits.  

Audit Firm UAE
Audit Firm UAE

VAT Audits

VAT audits are an essential and routine aspect of doing business in Dubai. Alpha Pro Partners provide easy, effective and efficient VAT auditing services to Dubai businesses, preparing all the necessary documentation that the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) requires on a yearly basis. Our expansive knowledge of accounting software and local business practices makes us one of the best VAT audit firms in Dubai. 

We combine our technological prowess and our accounting expertise with an intimate familiarity of UAE tax regulations to provide unparalleled tax auditing services for Dubai businesses. Our VAT audit services save businesses money by both avoiding fines and optimising VAT structuring. 

Internal Audit

An internal audit is the best way for a business to address issues before they become problems. Alpha Pro Partners have extensive experience when it comes to internal audits, and are able to provide uniquely insightful information to aid a company’s development. We achieve this through our expertise in accounting technology, which grants us access to details of company expenditure that other audit firms in Dubai struggle to find. Our internal audit services consider everything from the microscopic to the macroscopic level, using forensic accounting approaches which provide us with unique insights into company performance. An Alpha Pro Partners internal audit is the best way to identify issues and improve a company’s performance, all whilst maintaining absolute confidentiality. 

Audit Firm UAE
Audit Firm UAE

External Audit


An external audit serves the same function as its internal counterpart, but is done by an independent auditor for an external authority. External audits are essential exercises in business transparency, and are often required by regulating authorities, investors and shareholders. An external audit is also a show of good faith and credibility, demonstrating the integrity and strength of any business. Alpha Pro Partners works with the foremost accredited and certified external audit firms in Dubai, and the top external audit firms in UAE. Our partners specialise in impartial external audits that are unbiased and objective, providing companies with a fair and detailed understanding of their businesses.     

Risk Management Audit 

With unpredictable markets, troubled economies and volatile politics rife around the world, there’s never been a better time for a risk management audit. Risk management audits provide unique insights into what risks a company faces in any given context, and how best to avoid them. Alpha Pro Partners’ expert team of risk management auditors have extensive experience with all sorts of risks, from the common to the niche. Our risk management services allow companies to choose the best path through uncertain times, and make the most of unstable situations.

Xero Systems Audit

No company can operate in today’s market without an integrated and updated informational technology (IT) system, and a core part of that is accounting software. A Xero systems audit takes a granular approach to investigating and addressing shortcomings and inefficiencies in an organisation’s accounting system, helping highlight issues and improve productivity. Alpha Pro Partners are experts in accounting technology, and are at the forefront of information systems audit firms in Dubai. We are Xero Platinum Partners, and can install and optimise Xero accounting systems which help businesses maximise on efficiency and cut costs. We also advise businesses on how to automate bookkeeping practices, which helps lower overheads, improve records and allows for realtime reporting. We consider every aspect of a company’s Xero system from both a technological and an accounting perspective, providing an unparalleled insight and unique solutions. Our Xero systems audits help streamline businesses and ensure increased productivity.

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